Stimilon 2010 – a brief summary

Well The 2010 Stimilon Motocross Challenge is in the books, and what a weekend it was!  If you missed it, shame on you, if you were there, let’s hope you remember it!  The weekend started off with the Friday night pit party where the main entertainment came from our friends at Buckchilly Radio by way of their “WTF Pitbike Challenge”, let’s just say you’ll have to see the pictures and video to really understand what went down.

After a very late Friday night, the morning started classic Stimilon style with a 6:00am wake-up call from the Red Bull MTX Hummer blasting some Iron Maiden.  The track was groomed to perfection and practice went off without a hitch just to get everyone warmed up for the day.  Then with the start of the first moto (seriously, as the gate dropped like it was timed out) the skies opened up and the rain came down.  But this isn’t baseball, the racers plugged away through 5 motos until thunder and lightning warnings force the promoters hands to take a break from the action and wait out the weather.

Now, this is Stimilon, just because it’s raining and we’re not racing doesn’t mean the party stops!  Our people know how to make the best of any situation and the footage proves it, but you’re gonna have to wait a bit to see what I mean :) Racing got back under way and there were some EPIC battles, especially in the mains between John Dowd and Jimmy Decotis….not to mention the finals of Buckchilly’s WTF Pitbike Challenge.

To wrap up the night we headed up to the pavilion for an insane concert with Blastoma, Diecast, and Metal Up Your Ass!  I believe there was a it of drunken karaoke going on in the legion’s bar as well.  That pretty much sums up the weekend….but doesn’t do it any justice.  Look for a small wrap up video to come soon from DB Studios and pictures from the infamous Matt Francis….but if you wanna see everything you’re gonna have to wait for the DVD!!!  For anything pertaining to this years DVD, don’t forget to visit!!!!

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