David’s Bio

David Brown is the Founder of DB Studios Multimedia. At a young age David developed a passion for the arts. He discovered that translating the stories that him and his family shared, and transforming them into a storyline for film, was both exciting and educational.

From here, David explored his passion through film by working on a variety of projects, with clients including Mike Stiedley, HEAL Clothing, Stimilion International, Doug Henry, The Tony Brown Foundation, Walmart and Met-Rx. Additionally, he has developed a well-rounded background in producing independent films, documentaries and commercial/promo production, while simultaneously crafting his skills in the art of graphic and web design.

Now, he has over a decade of professional experience in graphic design and film, and is continuing his passion of enabling others to tell their story.

In his free time, David enjoys playing drums with his band The Jabrones and occasionally also returning to where the filming began for him by riding and racing motocross, snowboarding and participating in other action sports.