Looking For Action Sports Sponsors?

Motocross, mini bikes, freestyle, snowboarding, bmx, skateboarding….whatever your sport, every industry has tons of local and even national sponsors looking to help out the next emerging talent, are you on their radar?

Static profiles and resumes are great for opening the door to new opportunities, but let’s be honest, they’re not all that exciting or personal.  If you really want to stand out and get noticed by the people running the industry, how about getting your own action sports version of the EPK (Electronic Press Kit).

With an EPK, people get a look at you in action while getting to know you as a person and get to see what kind of representative you would be for their company, making it much more personable and giving you the edge in your sponsorship hunt.

DB Studios can customize your EPK to fit your budget and your needs, wether it be a 30 second spot to email blast to everyone, or a more elaborate 2-3 or even 5 minute video for your YouTube page, showcasing not only your talents, but interviews and lifestyle footage to give people a real sense of who YOU are and what you can do for THEM.

So Don’t wait, contact us for more information and to get the ball rolling, because let’s face it….sponsors aren’t looking for new talent very much once the season has started!

UPDATES!!! Stimilon, Movember and DIY Projects

Ok, so I’ve been a little quiet lately and a lot has happened so I waned to get out a quick post to give everyone a heads up as to what is coming!

For starters, the Stimilon Masters of Mini Series has come to an end and we just premiered the DVD trailer at the year end banquet last week.  I will be posting the trailer publicly as soon as today along with a pre-order for the 2010 DVD!!

We also took time out to support Movember, a month where men grow a moustache to raise awareness and help “change the face of mens health” by raising funds for prostate and testicular cancer research.  DB Studios teamed up with our friends at HEAL Clothing and Boston Entertainment to start up our own team and raised over $1500!  Of course we were filming at our fundraiser party and Boston Entertainment should have the highlight reel coming soon.

Last but not least I also took some time to start building my own equipment, namely a 3ft tripod slider dolly.  Pictures and test footage will be coming soon from that as well.

Well that’s it, just wanted to throw a quick update out there for you, more detailed posts are coming soon as well as photos and videos so keep checking back…or simply subscribe to our RSS feed!

First Live Stream

So today I stopped down at the local motocross track to test out a live stream via Ustream from my Android phone, and I have to say, although the quality isn’t quite what I expected…there’s a lot of possibility here and we will soon be broadcasting live from select events!  Check out the test clip here